Fresh Cuisine

Home-Cooked Meals Made Personally for You

The Cottage at Curry Manor offers delicious and nutritious meals on a daily basis. You can trust our trained and experienced staff to prepare the highest quality of cuisine possible. Our chefs also specialize in adjusting food to taste or dietary requirements to ensure residents are eating the food that they want to eat. We always encourage our residents to share their preferences and their favorite recipes so they can experience an incredible food experience at our assisted living community.

Fresh Home-Cooked Meals

Our experienced chef prioritizes our residents’ every need. We prepare family-style meals that’s delectable and makes our residents feel right at home.

In-House Chef

Our in-house chef is highly-trained to cook food that’s delicious and nourishing. We also take meal requests from residents for their convenience.


Well-Balanced Diet

We take into account the individual needs and dietary restrictions of our residents to make sure our community eats home-made meals that taste great and are healthy.

Have More Questions About Our Fresh Cuisine?

Get in touch with us to learn more about our assisted living community and what’s on our fresh cuisine menu.